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Construction Security


Construction Site Security Systems

Scaffolding Alarm System Hire
in Bradford, Leeds, Harrogate, Wakefield and all surrounding areas.

We offer various ways of securing your scaffolding as well as your construction site. Starting from £110 a month our systems offer state of the art detection and monitoring from anywhere in the UK. Each system is fully customizable to meet each clients individual needs. With our systems you are able to add  as many detectors as you like such as scaffold detectors, internal detectors and door contacts. All our systems are fully wireless as well as been fully battery operated meaning no needs for cables.


Weather you choose to have 1 scaffold detector or 30 we would recommend choosing our monitored option. This offers full 24/7 monitoring to its site key holders through either phone notifications or our trusted ARC monitoring service, this will ensure you will never miss an alarm activation. This offer also allows key holders to gain access to the site remotely via our app which will allow you to monitor each part of the system as well as set and unset the system remotely.


Construction Site CCTV Systems

Weather you have no power or internet access on site we have a system to suit your needs. Our latest option for hire is a fully self sustained pole mounted CCTV camera that can be deployed in a matter of minuets. With no need to have a power of internet connection the camera runs 100% of solar power, when fully charged giving it around 6 days of power without any sunlight. The system also has its own built in router which will allow you to monitor the system remotely and be alerted by any motion detected.

We also offer a more static system from sites that have access to power, internet or both. these system can be hard wired or wireless and allows you have add multiple static or PTZ cameras to a single remote viewing point. Also allowing for remote viewing and 27/4 recording

Both systems can store up to 30 days of footage in full HD and remotely monitored by either the key holders or our trusted ARC.

Security Camera

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