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Temperature Screening


Covid-19 Temperature Screening

Temperature Screening Solutions
in Bradford, Leeds, Harrogate, Wakefield and all surrounding areas.

We offer a wide range of Temperature Screening solutions for any size business. from Restaurant to warehouse. Protect your staff  and customers with state of the art temperature screening equipment. By accurately taking the temperate of anyone entering your premises you will be able to stop anyone with a high fever which is one of the main covid-19 symptoms from entering your business.  We have system that and be setup and left to automatically detect. Meaning staff are free to do other work. They can also be set up to communicate with access control and traffic lights to prevent entering. 

Some systems even have voice prompts. By using a built in algorithms the cameras can not just detect if someone has a high temperate which will play a audio message but they can also detect if someone is not wearing a facemask alerting members of staff. and If that wasn't enough, systems can also could the amount of people entering and exiting meaning you can keep track of how many people are inside at any one time. 

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